Another boring housekeeping post

I’m rebooting, so if you go there now it just goes to a splash page. It was super fun playing with html and building myself a dinky little site, but I have for that and for a gallery site with dozens of pictures I want something that has an easier backend to manage.

You can still see the old site on If you have any links to things there, just change the ‘www’ to ‘old’ and it’ll work. For example:


(For some reason the gallery of old art doesn’t work. It should be accessible from but for some reason if you try to go there it’ll point itself back at instead of the ‘old’ subdomain. Bizarre.) Actually, no, I deleted that gallery. The software is awful to use and I’d rather find something else.

I made some inspiration blogs for some of my characters:




Warning: all 3 have moving gifs (tagged as such). Or if they don’t now, there are some in the queue.

I actually made the Murgatranthes one ages ago, but couldn’t really think of what to use it for. Then I saw that becdecorbin (blog is nsfw) made a roleplay/inspiration blog for one of their characters and I thought what a shitting brilliant idea. It’s such fun collecting stuff that reminds you of your characters somehow or you think would be their jam, and you should totally make some for your characters and show me!

Also, I made a little twitter account (another one, Todd?): clashcrad. It’s a scratchpad for worldbuilding stuff so it doesn’t clog up this tumblr. I don’t know how much I’ll use it, but I thought it would be good to make a twitter for it because I can make super-quick tiny posts from my phone instead of saving them as one-sentence tumblr drafts that never get posted and never written into something longer.

If it’s suspended, just try again later - I haven’t been able to confirm my email with it yet (my email is working fine; it’s a problem at Twitter’s end) and got banhammered for that earlier. Fair play to the twitter staffer who unbanned me once I explained the situation, though.

'Clashcrad' doesn't mean anything; it's just one of the names I shortlisted for Phelmarith's surname (before settling on Cradior). I mentally filed it away because I thought it sounded cool and wanted to find it a home.

"I wish dragons were real!"

Mate. Have you SEEN a bird. Tell me this thing isn’t a dragon.

This is an African white-backed vulture at the Hawk Conservancy in Andover. This one’s fully grown but still thinks he’s a baby, and he performed feed me feed me behaviour all through being photographed. It would probably have been adorable coming from a fluffy chick with stubbywings, but was a bit scary coming from something with a 3m wingspan going WAARK WAARK. He sounded really cross! 

Troy the tawny owl, who lives at the Hawk Conservancy in Andover.

Milky eagle owls are the largest owls in Africa. The ‘milky’ part of their name comes from their white eyelids. This one was rather excited, so his normally white eyelids were blushing red.

More hooded vulture. This one’s name is Fagin. He’s a sweet and curious bird.

Taken at the Hawk Conservancy, Andover.

"I wish dinosaurs were still around!"
Mate have you SEEN birds though
This one is a hooded vulture at the Hawk Conservancy, Andover. 

"I wish dinosaurs were still around!"

Mate have you SEEN birds though

This one is a hooded vulture at the Hawk Conservancy, Andover. 

Black kites in flight.

I didn’t set out to make these an all black and white set, but that’s what happens when you have a hard to photograph subject. B&w is excellent for hiding all those lime and magenta noise pixels.

Hawk Conservancy, Andover.

Great grey owl. Taken at the Hawk Conservancy, Andover. 

Barn owl.

Hawk Conservancy, Andover. This one’s Delta, I think. She’s excluded from the flying demonstrations because she keeps catching wild voles. Not sure why that’s bad - I don’t know if voles are endangered or if it’s just upsetting for the kiddies.

It was windy that day and she kept hopping back inside the shed to get out of the wind.